Meet Patricia

Patricia Crane is a Music Educator and Founder of Music: Vital to Life. Patricia works with parents to help them understand how much music education can improve their lives and their children's lives. She believes music education must be effective, but most of all “fun”.

Patricia believes every child is born with music in them. And music is meant to be nurtured from before birth throughout life. Then, music becomes a foundation of life. Music taught properly improves every area of life.

Patricia developed an extensive list of thankful supporters in her 60 years of bringing music education to children and adults. She is a singer with a well
rounded music education and background in teaching voice, piano, and music fundamentals to all ages. She directed children's musicals, adult and children's choirs and was a professional singer.

Patricia attended Chapman College as a vocal major and general music minor. She was trained by the Yamaha Music Schools and certified to teach young children and adults. Patricia opened her own successful music school featuring the Yamaha Courses.

Outside of the passion of music education, Patricia loves “doing” music, reading, spending time with her husband and large family, traveling, and bringing people into community for wonderful experiences.


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