Be the Best that You Can Be!
Music Education is the Key!

Enjoying mental, physical and emotional benefits provided by music education; enabling people to see the value that music brings to us individually and to society as a whole.

Creating a world in which happy people everywhere will be singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments.

This starts with babies of pregnant women and newborns.

Natures Big Secret: the Natural, Fun way to raise Baby

1.     Natural, fun and simple principles for raising baby.
2.     The simple effective way to calm a fussy or crying baby.
3.     Natural systems for getting baby to sleep.
4.     Feeding baby a problem. There is a secret for that, too.
5.     Playing with baby.

Read my Mission Statement here.

Raising Awesome Kids Using the Magic of Music


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“Mrs Pat is exceptional teacher. She is kind and loving to her students & parents. As a parent of three children who went through Music Mommy & Me with Mrs. Pat I can attest to her patience and caring. She even took time on several occasions to help me with problems raising my kids. My kids are now grown. I know I am their mother but I can attest that they are bright, loving, generous people who have continued to love music and now I am having grandchildren who are being raised with music. Thank you, Mrs. Pat."

~In love and respect, Jen Smithfield


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